Nummer 152


Preface: From the Editor
Joel Abdelmoez Wiklund Women’s status in Islamic texts and feminist intervensions 5
Mena Muneb The appeal of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria:
A retorical analysis of ISIS’ propganda video
Anonymous Erdogan Regime Threatens Regional and Global Stability 38
Roberto Menkes Early Buddhist Monastic Discipline 50
Sarah Davies From Recycling Confucianism to Recycling Daoism? Examining the Sociohistorical Background of Recycling Behavourism and Environmental Policies in the PRC 55
Monika Gänssbauer
Terry Siu-Han Yip
Place and Idenitity: Selected Stories of Hong Kong since the 1960s 88
Johan Williams Johlin The South Korean Music Industry
The Rise and Success of ’K-pop’
Timeea Cosobea Asia as Method Now and Then: Investigating the Critical Concept of Inter-Asia Referencing Case Study: The Yakuza as a ”Political Society” 157
Helena Kantinkoski Non-performing – Liminality and Embodiment in Buto Dance 179
Carolina Lindström Detective and blogger in love: reality or fantasy? A comparative analysis of the transformtive works created by the English-language and Japanese-language fandoms of BBC’s Sherlock 211
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