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From the Editor
Pak Youngsook Seventeenth-century Japan as seen by the Korean Envoy Hogok Nam Yong-ik (1628-1692) 5
Beatrix Mecsi Differences in Visuality of Buddhist Figures in Korean and Japanese art: The Case of Popularization of Bodhidharma in Korea and Japan 55
Sonja Häussler The Perception of the Other in 15th century Korean literature – a Case Study of Kim Sisûp’s Poetry 77
Diana Yüksel Confucian moral duty and public service 101
Yang Ilmo Fusion of Horizon in the Korean Enlightenment Movement: the 1880-1900 117
Jung Ji Young Rethinking the ”Large Family” Thesis of Chosôn Korea: Postcolonial Critics 133
Kim Jeong-Young Implications for Teaching the Korean Hearer Honorifics in Sweden and Finland 147
Gabriel Jonsson Political Space for South Korea in the UN Security Council? 167
Mark E. Caprio War Museums and Victimization: The Case of Japan and the Republic of Korea 185
Heike Hermanns Democratization of political and civil society at the local level: The anti-nuclear movement in Samch’ôk City, South Korea 203
Song Eunyoung Minjung as Subjects of Dissent and Ideology of the Nation-State under the Park Chung-hee Regime 223
Lee Sangsoo Xi Jinping’s Foreign Policy Towards North Korea 241
Presentation of contributors 259

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