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Harald Bøckman China and the Study of Political Culture – A Survey and a Consideration 5
Bert Edström Torbjörn Lodén and Pacific Asia Research 18
Halvor Eifring Sitting quietly in China – a Participatory Genealogy of a Sensitive Term 28
Lars Ellström Walking Through China 35
Joakim Enwall The Changing Fortunes of the Pollard Script – Polygraphy and Polyorthography among the Miao in southwest China 53
Fredrik Fällman Enlightened or not? Notes on Liu Xiaofeng and the “Father of the Nation” 64
Cecilia Lindqvist August Strindberg’s Studies on the Origin of the Chinese Written Language 73
Börje Ljunggren Renaissance and Humiliation – the Anatomy of the Chinese Dream The True Road to China’s Renewal 81
Göran Malmqvist Kang Youwei (1858─1927) 91
Inga Nyman Ambrosiani Harald Svanberg and his Catalogue of Oriental Literature at the National Library of Sweden 97
Elena Pollacchi Jia Zhangke’s Taxonomy of Violence: A Touch of Sin (Tian zhu ding 天注定) 108
Lena Rydholm Continuity and Change in the View of Literature in China: A Comparison between Traditional, Confucian Literary Thought and Mao Zedong’s “Talks at the Yan’an Conference on Literature and Art” in May 1942 117
Irmy Schweiger Gu Hongming 辜鸿铭 (1857–1928) – Confucius’ Self-Appointed Cousin 130
Anne Wedell-Weddelsborg COMMITMENT TO HELL – Liu Xiaobo on Kafka 145
Zhang Longxi Identity, Perspective, and Cross-Cultural Communication 153
Torbjörn Lodén Selected Publications 161

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