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Bert Edström and Staffan Rosén Introduction
Staffan Helmfrid A Door-opener to East Asia: Professor Seung-bog Cho and Pacific Asia studies at Stockholm University
Inge Jonsson The Swedenborg Manuscripts as a ’Memory of the World’
Sakabe Megumi Resonance and Feeling as the Basis of Intersubjectivity: Nishida Kitaro on the I–You relationship
Uno Svedin Perspectives in Asia on the Environment and Sustainable Development: Japan – China – India
Torbjörn Lodén Chinese and Western Culture: The myth of essential difference
Ian Nish Ito Hirobumi and His Views on China 1894-909
Staffan Rosén Merit and Reward: The imperial Korean System of decorations 1900–1910 in an international perspective
Lars Vargö Japan och Korea: Too close to be close?
Marie Söderberg Western Encounters with Japan: Clean houses and giggling girls strike visitors
Ragnar Björk Japan Enters Great Power Politics: Swedish scholars analysing a sea change in the world-system of politics at the turn of the century 1900
Bert Edström Signe Höjer and Hiroshima & Nagasaki as a Mirror of the Future of Mankind
Olof Lidin Armistice in Korea: Personal memories




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