The Association for Oriental Studies (Föreningen för Orientaliska Studier in Swedish) was formed in 1968 by students and teachers at the Department of Oriental Languages, Stockholm University, Sweden. Among the founders were professor Göran Malmqvist who also was the legal publisher of our magazine for many years. The Association is open for all interested and shall according to our charter “stimulate the study of and increase the understanding of the history, contemporary situation as well as the economic, political, social and cultural development of the Asian and Arabic peoples”. The Association is politically and religiously unaffiliated and its activities shall be “scientifically based”.

The foremost activity of the Association today is the publication of our magazine, Orientaliska Studier, but also other publications. We occasionally arrange seminars in linked to current topics in our field and to our publications.

The first issue of Orientaliska Studier was published in 1969 and the 100th issue coincided with the 30th anniversary of the founding of the magazine in 1999. Legal publisher today is professor Torbjörn Lodén. Editor-in-chief is Gabriel Jonsson who also serves as the chairman of the association.

Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies